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Generally Training develops knowledge, skills and positive attitudes require improvement in the performance of employees on the job. This means, training must always be followed by evaluation of the applicable job of the knowledge, skills used leant.

a) Induction :

Program for new employees meant to familiarize them with GMB business.

b) General Training : this includes among others:

    1. Quality Management
    2. Time Management
    3. Customer Care
    4. Finance and Documentation
    5. SAP Programs
    6. Health and Safety

      c) Technical Training :focuses on:

        1. Installations
        2. Maintenance
        3. Care of plants and equipment

          d) Commercial Training : focuses on:

            1. Post Harvest Grain Management
            2. General Quality Assurance
            3. Grains Grading
            4. Fumigation
            5. Customer driven Management and Customer Care Programmes

              e) Sport and Recreation focuses on:

                1. Train the Trainer Programs Skills and training Fitness Programmes

              The GMB Training Centre has been involved in the SADC Regional Training Unit (RTU) activities since 1997. The Training Centre has established itself as a highly versatile Training Institution. The Centre has successfully transformed itself into a respected and competitive centre for Commercial Training, covering such courses as:

                1. General Quality Assurance
                2. Fumigation
                3. General Management
                4. Customer Care
                5. Silo maintenance
                During the 2003 Training Phase, the Training Centre adapted and successfully ran the RTU supported Training Programme: Trade in Food Commodities. The focus of the programme content included Quality Assurance, Internal and Regional Trade requirements and protocols, Accounting and Value Addition. Participants included those who advise Poakers, Farming Organisations, Training Institutions, Non-Governmental Organisations and Cross Boarder Traders. Although the Programme had been identified by our Government through the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as Zimbabwe


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